Quality logistics that go the extra mile. Leave the work to us, and the only thing you will have to worry about is what to do with your evening off.

Superior handling and optimal transport.
Coupled with that priceless feeling of entrusting your goods to the right partner.

Whether on land, over water or in the air –  SHOT is always in its element. The difference to other providers is remarkable. Most customers expect their goods to be moved from A to B quickly, safely and as cheap as possible. Whether national or international, the only concern for most is that the job gets done. But the choice of partner in this industry is more critical to your success than you might think. Seemingly minor details in service can make the difference. What can you expect from SHOT? An outstanding all-in-one package that’s too good to refuse, combining excellence in all aspects of logistics. After all, if you want to leave work on time, you need a service provider you can truly rely on.

Sea freight

Enjoy worldwide imports and exports at fair prices and profit from our exclusive network and top-notch connections to a wide range of shipping companies.

Air freight

The fastest transport option whether you’re moving goods domestically or halfway around the world. Including checks, customs,  24/7 AOG service and much more.


Faster than sea freight between Asia and Europe, and cheaper than road transport within the continent. SHOT and rail are an ideal match.

Road transport

National and international FTL and LTL transports as well as container transports with our own SHOT truck fleet. Flexible and efficiently coordinated.

Exceeding expectations is our standard.

Loading, unloading, packaging, storing, labelling, weighing and inspecting – these are just a few of the many processes happening behind the scenes at SHOT PACKING CENTER. Though many of these services may remain unnoticed, they can make the difference. This is the true strength of SHOT – everything is designed to make your life easier. These extras include:

  • Import and export processing incl. customs
  • Heavy goods handling up to 100 t
  • Goods inspection & neutralisation
  • Repackaging goods with external damage
  • Value-added services
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The human side of logistics.

This is the ideal basis for a successful cooperation. Instead of making purely price-driven decisions, we at SHOT think differently – besides human considerations business aspects play a key role. And thanks to the increased efficiency you’ll also notice the difference financially. Just one more reason to get in touch.

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