Make the most of SHOT’s tailored logistics solutions to meet your unique needs – offering combined or individual services backed by decades of industry expertise as a trusted logistics partner.

Superior handling and optimal transport. Experience the Confidence of a Trusted Partner

Trust SHOT LOGISTICS as your reliable partner for optimal logistics solutions tailored to your needs, offering comprehensive multimodal services by land, sea and air with efficient, safe and cost-effective transportation, real-time visibility, customs expertise and top-tier professional support.

Sea freight

Enjoy worldwide imports and exports at fair prices and profit from our exclusive network and top-notch connections to a wide range of shipping companies.

Air freight

The fastest transport option whether you’re moving goods domestically or halfway around the world. Including checks, customs,  24/7 AOG service and much more.


Faster than sea freight between Asia and Europe, and cheaper than road transport within the continent. SHOT and rail are an ideal match.

Road transport

National and international FTL and LTL transports as well as container transports with our own SHOT truck fleet. Flexible and efficiently coordinated.

Exceeding Expectations with Comprehensive Logistics Services

While many of these operations happen behind the scenes, SHOT LOGISTICS states they contribute significantly to the company’s “true strength.” By taking on these tasks, a tremendous workload is lifted off customers’ shoulders, streamlining processes for seamless experiences. These extras include:

  • Import and export processing with customs clearance
  • Goods inspection, quality control and neutralization
  • Repackaging solutions for damaged goods
  • Value-added services (kitting, labeling, assembly, etc.)
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SHOT LOGISTICS delivers customer-centric logistics solutions through a personalized approach.

We prioritize understanding your unique business needs to provide tailored, cost-effective transportation solutions. Our dedicated experts offer customized consulting, streamlined processes for cost optimization, and reliable service focused on your goals. Leverage our industry expertise and customer-centric values for logistics excellence. Experience the difference – request a consultation today.

  • Personalized approach understanding unique business needs
  • Tailored, cost-effective transportation solutions
  • Dedicated experts for customized consulting
  • Streamlined processes for cost optimization
  • Reliable service focused on customer goals
  • Industry expertise and customer-centric values
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