A reliable logistics partner is like a SHOT in the arm.

E-Commerce with SHOT

Dispatching goods ordered by your customers online is usually straightforward with strong shipping partners. However, sourcing the goods from far-flung countries before final-leg delivery can be another matter. This process is littered with pitfalls. The best way to keep things running smoothly is having a forward-thinking logistics partner that goes the extra mile. SHOT is that partner.

You can focus on your core business and increasing your sales, while we procure and transport your goods internationally and offer a whole host of services directly for you or online stores. Without our help or with the wrong partner at your side, you’re much more than likely to have some long nights at the office.

We know that ex works logistics as well as onwards transport from ports, railway terminals and airports is one of the biggest “pain points” in online retailing. Our all-in SHOT package is designed to turn this into one of your personal “pleasure points”.

  • Full international logistics and procurement
  • Order picking
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Value-added services
  • Advice on customs, transport and transport insurance
  • Tariff classifications for your goods (customs)