Air freight with SHOT LOGISTICS

Above the clouds and around the globe in no time.

Up to a month at sea, a couple of weeks on rails, or just a matter of hours in the air – these are your transport options from Far East, and the story is similar for other global trading routes. No doubt, Air freight is the fastest transport option, and as a regulated agent (DE/RA/0144001), SHOT can do it even faster. You will also appreciate the comprehensive package which comes as standard with all our air freight services. Ultimately, working with us means not much difference from jetting off to holiday yourself. Thanks to our 24/7 AOG services we fly your cargo even when the aircraft is already waiting on the airstrip. We even handle time-critical orders at fair prices. Get in touch today and we are ready for take off.

  • Worldwide export and import incl. customs
  • IATA Cargo Agent
  • 24/7 AOG service & ship spares
  • Charter & partial charter
  • Dangerous goods
  • Temperature controlled transports
  • Cross trade services
  • Global door-to-door service




More customers choose the fastest way and save time and decide to ship their vehicles by air freight. Especially for vehicles in higher price segments, which need special handling. Shipping vehicles by air freight requires special know how, so if security and short period of time are your top priorities, shipping by air freight is your best option.

Picture is showing a Lamborghini shipped by Airfreight in January 2022 – Full service transport from Czech Republic to Taipei by SHOT LOGISTICS