Logistics with all the trimmings – leaving nothing to be desired.


A heartfelt “Moin” from Hamburg’s former free-trade port! SHOT has established its impressive PACKING CENTER at the heart of this time-honoured transport hub. Our facility encompasses a 250-metre quay wall with terminal operations, not to mention a comprehensive vehicle fleet with heavy-loading machinery, a roughly 2,000-square-metre storage facility with a bonded warehouse area as well as 10,000 square metres of open-air space. The SHOT PACKING CENTER is your personal gateway to the trading world and the central hub for all SHOT services. These include:

  • Authorisation as a consignee and consignor
  • Temporary storage
  • Project shipments
  • Full import processing incl. customs
  • Consolidated cargo handling
  • Heavy goods handling up to 40 t
  • Inspections of unloaded or delivered goods
  • professional pallet order picking, palletisation, labelling and handling of LCL cargoes
  • Container storage
  • Value-added services
  • Weighing service for containers and LCL shipments
  • Container weighing service

Terminal operations

  • Own quay wall
  • Berth area for inland cargo ships
  • Loading and unloading of bulk and inland cargo ships
  • Heavy goods handling up to 100 t
  • Specialist for big bag handling
  • Container depot

What else can we do for you?

Take a moment to browse our value-added services. These are a range of small extras which you perhaps wouldn’t expect from us. These extra services help you avoid stressful situations and after enjoying this carefree experience once, then there’s no going back. These extras can include comprehensive quality checks after goods arrive, repackaging goods with external damage, returns processing, taking care of adherence to packaging regulations or checking the weight of goods weighing up to several tons. It goes without saying that this is all carried out by highly-qualified, in-house staffAllow us to advise you and prepare to be wowed by our full-service, A to Z approach.