Hamburg has a history of fair and honourable trading. These values are anchored in SHOT’s DNA.

These values are anchored in SHOT’s DNA.

Price pressure is everywhere within this industry. It’s easy to forget that this business is about people and is built on human processes executed with passion. It’s also a business built on trust.

Why entrust your goods and products to a company solely on the basis of price? Or based on an established name? Why settle for an often impersonal and static process? This type of process can rob you of your personal time if it runs into problems as the lack of direct contacts leaves you having to “chase things up” yourself.

There’s no reason to go through that. That’s why SHOT has committed to resurrecting the old trading codes from Hamburg’s venerable past thus to the best of an era which the above oil painting clearly shows. Together, our business can be dynamic and human, forming the ideal basis for deep mutual trust. This is what sets us apart.


If you choose to work with us, you know you’re getting that feeling of outstanding and comprehensive customer care – at fair prices, of course. Though we believe a customer-vendor relationship is built on more than just sending and accepting offers, SHOT also has to keep in step with the industry. Our services give you the best of all worlds, all designed to ensure the utmost satisfaction for you. Nothing less will do.

The SHOT quality guarantees

SHOT LOGISTICS GMBH has thus considerably expanded its portfolio in the field of high-quality logistics services for transport and storage. With the IFS Logistics Standard and ISO 9001:2015, it offers its customers and partners the highest level of quality, safety and transparency and makes a valuable contribution within the supply chain.

In order to unreservedly fulfil the expectations you should have in a logistics partner, we not only promise flexibility, outstanding service and top-notch quality – we deliver it, as our ISO 9001:2015 certification testifies. 

SHOT expands its service portfolio in the premium segment – IFS Logistics certification

We have relocated to bigger premises at Peutestraße 20 in Hamburg. Our new location is certified according to the internationally recognised standard of International Featured Standards “IFS Logistics”.

Our handling of “non-food” articles and additives for conventional and organic food reliably and transparently complies with all requirements and regulations.

Download IFS Certificate.pdf

SHOT LOGISTICS is officially certified by the bio control body authority DE-Öko-003 and approved for the preparation, distribution / placing on the market, storing and import of bio products in accordance with EU Regulation 2018/848.

Our bio warehouse is located at Peutestraße 20, 20539 Hamburg.

Download Bio Certificate.pdf